New Zealand Hunts


Steele Outfitters New Zealand trip is set in New Zealand’s spectacular, remote Whanganui River Valley. Surrounded by 250,000 acres of lush forest and breathtaking views of the Ruapehu volcano, we provide the free range hunt of a lifetime.

By day you will hunt big Red Stags, Sika, Fallow, Arapawa sheep, goats and/or boar. By night you will enjoy gourmet meals, New Zealand wines, and superb lodge accommodations surrounded by this amazing natural setting.

The Lodge offers visitors the highest quality conditions in relaxed peaceful surroundings. Outstanding views over the New Zealand bush with the real privacy that only isolation can bring. While you rest between hunts you can enjoy the finest of New Zealand’s wine and food.


The Big Game Hunting season starts in February and finishes in August. When it’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere.


February and March: Summer with temperatures between 35-75
April and May: Autumn with temperatures between 32-65
June and July: Winter with temperatures between 28-55


To get more information and to book a hunt call Don Steele directly at 325-518-7780

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