Texas Hunts

Steele outfitters offers hunts for White Tail Deer, Audad, Mule Deer, and Axis Deer. We hunt at a Ranch that is approximately 32,000 acres the ranch is located near Sanderson TX. On the ranch, you will see fantastic vistas, canyon washes, and challenging 4 wheel roads and trails. Since the ranch is so isolated, the stars and nights are incredible.

From the gate to the ranch house is approx 30 minutes over 8 miles of dirt road cut through rock ridges, gravel washes and sand pits. Make sure to drive your SUV or truck. The ranch is operated and managed for cattle and has approx 60 watering troughs supplied with fresh water via a system of water wells, wind mills, pumps, cisterns and water lines. The watering system and feeders draw wildlife from the surrounding properties. Don has selected the best watering locations to set up feeders and blinds.

When you come hunt with Steele Outfitters you can expect an experience like no other. The ranch house has electricity for fans and heaters. Three rooms w/ bunk beds and two full bathrooms with showers including hot water. The ranch house also features a full kitchen and a full time cook to prepare your meals. After a great day of hunting and a wonderful meal the hunters can gather out on our large front porch. Your cell phone will work after a very short walk to the top of the hill.

Predator Hunts


Transpecos Desert Mule Deer

White Tail Deer



Nubian Ibex


Transcaspian Urial



Red Stag

Black Buck

Free Range Whitetail Hunts

120 – 160 points
3 Day Hunts Food and Lodging Included

Exotic Hunts 
3 & 5 Day Hunts
All Hunts Include Food & Lodging

Exotic Animals Price
Audad $4500
Kudu POR
GemsBok $7000
Addax $7000
Nubian Ibex $10,500
Transcaspian Urial $10,500
Red Stag $7500
Hog Deer $7500
Thompson Gazelle P.O.R.
Dama Gazelle $7500
Axis $3500
Black Buck $3500
Sable P.O.R.
Wildebeest P.O.R.
Buffalo (Bison) $6500
Water Buck P.O.R.
Barasingha $7000
Mountain Lion $2000

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