Whitetail Deer Hunts West Texas

Three day hunt on the ranch south of Sweetwater is $3750.00. Class of deer -120s. To 160s.    No Trophy fees, one Doe and hogs are included in the hunt.  Food and lodging Included. The ranch is about 6000 acres minimal hunting ,The ranch is been managed well The Accommodations are first class commercial kitchen great sleeping quarters cold storage for deer processing Great ranch to hunt Whitetail.

Predator Hunts


Exotics Hunts

3 & 5 Day Hunts
All Hunts Include Food & Lodging


Nubian Ibex


Transcaspian Urial



Red Stag

Black Buck

Exotic Animals Price
Audad $4500
Kudu POR
GemsBok $7000
Addax $7000
Nubian Ibex $10,500
Transcaspian Urial $10,500
Red Stag $7500
Hog Deer $7500
Thompson Gazelle P.O.R.
Dama Gazelle $7500
Axis $3500
Black Buck $3500
Sable P.O.R.
Wildebeest P.O.R.
Buffalo (Bison) $6500
Water Buck P.O.R.
Barasingha $7000
Mountain Lion $2000

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